Pawel Lindsey is a professional freelance photographer from Dallas, Texas and has been finding creative ways to express himself and bring people together since childhood. It was by sheer happenstance that Pawel stumbled upon his passion for photography. In order to fill the need for more visual content within his entertainment group, GNS ENT Pawel Invested his savings into his photography and hit the ground running from there. Since then Pawel has been a staple on the Houston social and fashion scene. 


Pawel is currently based in Houston, Texas, but his passion for photography has taken him all over the world on a never-ending journey to document life's most beautiful events and people. Pawel created Pawellindseypictures to ensure all of his clients most endearing moments are captured and framed forever. Inspired by everything around him Pawel uses his camera as a third eye to give the outside world a glimpse of what he sees in his imagination.